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How to Troubleshoot Video Quality of RTMP Encoder's Stream?

Fixing Encoder's stream Video Quality

Pixelation and buffering can be frustrating for both you and your audience. Troubleshooting video quality issues in an RTMP encoder's stream can involve several steps:

Ensure your encoder settings

Verify your encoder's configuration to ensure it matches the recommended settings.

Don’t use unusual values, such as unsupported resolutions or settings that surpass the recommended FPS or key-frame interval.

Ensure your bitrate is sufficient for your stream resolution:

For 720p (HD), minimum of 1500 kbps is required.
For 1080p (Full HD), minimum of 3000 kbps is required.

Check the settings in the encoder and if not aligned, adjust them accordingly and stream again

Ensure your internet connection stability

Your upload speed might be too low to support your bitrate, or you may not be streaming to the optimal server in your region.

Run a Speed Test: Check your upload speed. We recommend at least 10 Mbps, with an ideal speed of over 25 Mbps.

Find the Best Server: Identify the server closest to you and use its RTMP URL and Streaming Key in your encoder's settings.

Improve Connection Stability:

If your speeds are low, reboot your modem/router and try using an Ethernet cable.
If Ethernet isn't possible, reduce your distance with the router.
Contact your ISP in case the low speeds persists.

Ensure that your device is not overloaded

For Windows:

Press CTRL + Alt + Delete.

Open Task Manager.

For Mac:

Open your Launchpad.

Open the Activity Monitor.

If your CPU usage is 80% or higher:

Close unnecessary software running in the background.

Keep your laptop plugged in.

Reboot your device.

Lower the bitrate, resolution, FPS, set slower encoder preset until the stream stabilizes in your encoder.

If the issue persists, think about upgrading to a device that offers more processing power.

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Updated on: 07/09/2024

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