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How to choose RTMP Server based on your Location?

Choosing RTMP Server Based On Your Location

RTMP Servers

Our servers are located worldwide as depicted by the following image. However, you are required to select the nearest RTMP server as per your location while streaming videos using external RTMP source. This will ensure stream health and mitigates the risk of buffering.

Select the RTMP server as per your region mentioned below:




United States of America:


For Australia, select RTMP server as Asia Pacific (Sydney, AU).

Once you are familiar with your region, go to OneStream Dashboard and click on RTMP Encoder button.

Select RTMP Server based on your location.

Choose Auto Detect as your server if you are not sure and our system will choose the nearest RTMP server based on your location.

Pick the closest server for trouble-free live streaming, Read More

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Updated on: 06/24/2024

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