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How to Set up RTMP Encoder Live Streaming using Permanent Stream Key?

Make your live streaming stress-free with OneStream Live's Permanent Stream Key. It's like having a personal key that stays the same for all your events, so you don't have to change it each time. This guide shows you how to set it up for smooth multistreaming. Just pick your server, add some details, and voilà; a hassle-free streaming experience awaits!

Setting up RTMP Encoder Live Streaming

Go to OneStream Dashboard and click on RTMP Encoder.

Get a Permanent Stream key by clicking on the key icon.

Ideal Configuration for Multistreaming via RTMP Encoder :

Select your desired Server nearest to your location from RTMP Resource section (Keep location setting as autodetect if you are not sure).

Copy Server URL and Stream Key from the OneStream RTMP Source section and paste it into your third-party streaming software (OBS, Zoom, XSpilt, etc.)

Keep your stream key private. Giving someone else your stream key will allow them to stream to your OneStream channel. Click Reset Key to generate a new key if needed.

Click on this icon to enter your Stream details.

Add your desired stream title , description and tags. Then click on Done.

Choose your Destinations and set your Stream privacy.

Start the video in your RTMP Encoder, and once the video appears in OneStream Live dashboard, It will go live on your destinated social platforms.

|| If you wish to edit the title, thumbnail or description of your stream, Disable the Auto start option first. Once changed the details, Auto-start option can be enabled again.

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Updated on: 03/01/2024

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