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Enable Cookies in Your Web Browser

Enabling Cookies in Your Web Browser

OneStream Live uses cookies to provide you everything you need in your account. If you do not have cookies enabled in your browser, you'll need to enable them.

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox


Please make sure you are using a web browser that is supported by OneStream Live.

Google Chrome

Steps are the same for both Windows and MAC.

Click on the Chrome menu button on the browser bar.

Click Settings.

In the Privacy and security section, click Site Settings.

Click Cookies and site data.

Click the slider/toggle to Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended). Also make sure block third-party cookies is turned off

If you need further assistance checking your browser settings, go to Help on your web browser toolbar.

Mozilla Firefox

Read the Firefox instructions here.

Click the Menu icon.

Click Settings.

Click Privacy & Security.

In the Content Blocking section, select Standard.


Open the Safari app on your Mac, choose Safari from the top menu bar and click Settings, then click Privacy.

In the Website tracking section, check Prevent cross-site tracking.

Close the Settings window.

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