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How to Troubleshoot and Improve Video Quality Issues in Studio?

Improving Stream Quality in OneStream Live Studio

For smooth streaming and to avoid bad video quality, we recommend you to check the following settings:

Browser Optimization

Keep Your Browser Current: Confirm you're using the latest version and update it as needed.
Turn Off Ad Blockers and Extensions: Disable any ad blockers or extensions that could interfere with your setup.
Cache: Clear the cached images and files
Try Another Browser: If issues persist, switch to a different browser, with Chrome being particularly recommended for Studio.

Ensure your internet connection is up to par for streaming:

Confirm your upload speed is adequate for your streaming resolution by doing a speed test at Speed Test
Prefer direct connection using ethernet cable than WiFi.
Aim for a minimum of 10 Mbps upload speed for HD and over 25 Mbps for Full HD.
If your upload speed is insufficient for Full High Definition(1080p), lower your stream quality to High Definition(720p) or Low Definition(360p). To do that Click small drop-up on Stop Cam from Control Panel section

Click Video Resolution and select accordingly.

Click the small drop-up arrow next to the camera icon to open the video setting using above steps and verify Video Resolution; ensure it's not set to 720p or 360 for 1080p streams.

Ensure good lighting for better video quality.
Confirm camera supports HD or Full HD resolutions; Studio adjusts to maximum camera capabilities.

Ensure your device isn't overloaded by following these steps:

When you click Go Live or Record in Studio , then press press CTRL + Alt + Delete on Windows to open Task Manager or on Mac access Activity Monitor via Launchpad, check if your CPU usage is above 80%, and if it is, do the following:

Close unnecessary background applications
Reduce your streaming resolution.
Restart your device

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Updated on: 07/10/2024

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