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How to disable pop-up blocker?

Popup Blocker

Pop-up blocker(s) should be disabled in your browser in order to allow Facebook Permissions correctly.

This section explains how popup blocker(s) is disabled for different popular browsers.

If you are using Google Chrome as your web browser, the pop-up blocker will appear to the far right side of the web address/URL like it is displayed below. 

To allow the pop-up:

When the pop-up is blocked by Chrome, a small pop-up blocker indication appears in the address bar.
Click on Always allow pop-ups from
Click Done.

If you use Mozilla Firebox as your web browser, the pop-up will appear under the web address/URL as displayed below. 

To allow the pop-up:

Firefox will indicate when the pop-up is blocked.
Click on Preferences to the far right of the pop up warning.
Click on Allow pop ups from

If you use Safari on a Mac, the steps are different compared to the other browsers since Mac has a different setting layout than a Windows computer.

To allow the pop-up:

Open Safari and go to Preferences from the Safari menu on the top left.
Click on Website
Click on Pop-up Windows from the left
From the drop-down in front of, choose Allow

Updated on: 02/24/2022

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