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How to troubleshoot 'I Can't Hear My Guest' in the Studio?

Resolving 'Can't Hear My Guest' in the Studio

You can easily resolve your guests' audio problems by following a few simple steps:

Resolving Missing Audio Issue for Studio Guests

Make sure to add your guests to the stream, if they stay backstage, you won’t be able to hear them.

Please ensure the Mic icon is not muted (the Mic icon should be white, not red).

Ask your guest to confirm that their microphone is active and not muted.

Ask your guest to go to the settings icon in the Studio, select the Audio tab, choose the correct microphone for their audio input, and check for a red bar indicating it’s working.

Check the Audio Settings on Your End

If everything is correctly set up for your guest, double-check your own settings.

Navigate to the settings icon in the Studio, and then click on the Audio tab.

Ensure you have selected the correct speakers for audio output.

To prevent your Studio browser tab from being muted, right-click on it and verify the mute status.

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Updated on: 07/09/2024

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