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How to Create a Streaming Playlist?

Creating a Pre-recorded Video Playlist

From the main home page, click on Create Stream under Streams & Schedules. You can also click the Create Stream button from the top left.

Select Pre-recorded Stream from the pop-up window.

Select OneStream Storage to go live using previously uploaded videos or recordings.

Hover over the video file to be uploaded and click on Select Video.

Click on Create Playlist to create a playlist of the video.

Hover over each video file to be added to the playlist and click on Select Video. Once done, click on Proceed.

The videos in the playlist will be arranged based on the sequence in which you select each file. To rearrange the order of videos in the playlist, simply click on a video file and drag it up or down to the desired position within the sequence.

To add more video files to the playlist, click on Add Video to Playlist. You can upload from local storage/cloud storage or select files stored in your OneStream storage.

After finalizing the sequence of the playlist, proceed to add the schedule details and select the destinations to either schedule your event or go live instantly.

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Updated on: 08/11/2023

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