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Why Does My Live Stream Have a Lower Video Quality Than the Original Video?

Streaming Quality

OneStream does not change the quality of the video that is streamed unless it exceeds the maximum allowed video resolution for the user's subscription plan. Each subscription plan has specific resolution limitations:

Free Plan and Basic Plan: The maximum allowed video resolution for these plans is 720p. If your video file is 720p, it will be live-streamed as 720p , provided it falls within the resolution limits of your subscription plan.

Standard Plan and Professional Plan: The maximum allowed video resolution for these plans is 1080p. If your video file is 1080p, it will be live-streamed as 1080p as long as it adheres to the resolution limits of your subscription plan.

By considering the subscription level that best fits their needs, streamers can provide their viewers with the optimal video quality for a more immersive viewing experience.

Quality Seen by Viewers

It is important to note that the video quality that viewers see during the live stream depends not only on their internet connection speed but also on the resolution allowed by the streamer's subscription plan.

Viewers with a poor internet connection speed might see the stream at a lower resolution, such as 360p or 480p, while those with a good internet connection can enjoy the same stream at 720p or even higher if the streamer's subscription plan allows it.

This is automatically adjusted by Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites and is known as adaptive streaming.

Viewers can always manually choose the video quality themselves. For example, on YouTube or Facebook, you can change the video quality by clicking the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the video. If your video file is HD, you will see HD here in the options.

However, viewers with slower internet connections should be aware that selecting higher video quality may lead to buffering issues during the live stream. If you continuously experience buffering at higher video quality, please ensure to contact your internet service provider and check your internet download speed.

Please remember that the resolution management is automatically handled by the destination platform to optimize the viewing experience for all viewers.

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Updated on: 08/01/2023

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