Steps to Convert via Handbrake

Here is how to convert your video files into mp4 format with handbrake:

Download and install Handbrake by choosing the version for your operating system from

After installation, open handbrake. Clicking Open Source button on the left hand side to choose your video file.

Click "Save New Preset".

Give your preset a name. Choose category as My Presets, keep Dimensions as Source Maximum and click Add.

Now choose this preset from the preset selector.

Under the Summary tab you can see the video thumbnail and a summary of the video settings on the left-hand side.

Click Web Optimized to optimize the video for live streaming.

Switch to dimensions tab and modify the resolution according to your needs. Turn the Anamorphic section Off. Keep in mind the max resolution supported by the platform you want to stream to. For Facebook choose 1280x720. For other platforms, you can select 1920x1080.

Remember for portrait videos the height will always be bigger than the width.
You can only reduce from a higher resolution to a lower one. If your original video is, for example, 1280x720 you cannot increase the resolution to 1920x1080.

Click Video tab and make sure Video Codec is H.264 (x264). Select Avg Bitrate (kbps) and enter a value of 4000.

Next, select the Framerate (FPS) and choose 30. You can select other values depending on the platform where you are streaming but 30 is preferred by most platforms and is ideal. Select Constant Framerate afterwards.

Now you are ready with file settings. Click the Browse button in the bottom right part of the window, select where your encoded file will be saved on your computer and give it a name.

Click the Start button and wait until the video encoding is completed.

The encoding process will take some time depending on the values of Resolution, FPS, and Encoder Preset. You will be able to see the status at the bottom of the window.

Handbrake will let you know when it has finished. You will notice Encode Finished at the bottom.

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