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How to Upload Multiple Videos at a Time to OneStream Live?

Uploading Multiple Videos Simultaneously to OneStream Live

Method 1:

Click on Upload button from the top right.

Click the Upload from device button to upload a file from local storage.

Video size limit for uploading directly from your computer or mobile device is 10GB (for larger videos, use the Cloud Storage feature).

Locate and select all the desired video files to be uploaded from your local storage and click Open.

The selected video files will appear under Queued video files. Click on Start Upload if you are all set. If you want to remove a particular video file, hover over that file and click on Discard.

You can select up to 10 videos, but only 3 will be processed at a time.

The upload progress will be shown on the top right, this window can also be minimized, and the upload will continue.

To pause or cancel the upload of a specific file, hover over it and click on the relevant button.

To resume a paused upload, hover over the file and click on Resume.

To upload from Cloud Storage, simply click the button, select the desired cloud storage platform, and upload the desired video file.

For cloud storage, multiple video files cannot be selected at the same time for uploading. However, once you have selected a video file, click on the Upload from cloud storage button again and select another file. The selected video files will appear under Queued video files. Click on Start Upload if you are all set.

Method 2

Click on the three dots from the left-side menu to expand it.

Click on Videos from the left-side menu.

Choose from My Device or Cloud Storage and follow Steps 3-7 listed under Method 1.

Method 3

Navigate to How would you like to stream? section on the left and click on Upload Options for Pre-Recorded Stream.

Upload from your computer by clicking on My Device or import videos from your cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.). Allowed video formats are mp4, mov, m4v.

To go live using previously uploaded videos/recordings, click on OneStream Storage and select the desired video file.

Next, follow Steps 3-7 listed under Method 1.

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Updated on: 01/03/2024

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