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How long are my videos stored in OneStream Live Storage?

Video Storage Duration

Video storage is a feature that is available for all users however the storage duration depends on the subscription plan. As soon as you upload a video to create a live stream, the video is automatically saved. Your uploaded videos are stored according to your subscription plan so as soon as a stored video is used to create a schedule, the prescribed counter is reset. The storage duration for each plan is as follow:

For Free plan and Basic plan users, the video storage duration is 60 days.

For Standard plan users, the video storage duration is 90 days.

For Professional plan users, the video storage duration is 120 days.

Example: While being on the Professional plan, a user uploads a video on 1st March and creates a schedule. If the user does not use this video again, the video will be deleted on 1sth July (after 120 days). However, if you create a new live stream using the same video any time before 1st July, the 120 days counter will reset.

A user can also check the remaining duration after which the particular video will be deleted, in the video details.

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Updated on: 06/30/2024

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