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How to Upload and Schedule a Video for Pre-Recorded Streaming?

Ways to upload a video file

There are two ways to upload a video file to OneStream Live:

Upload directly from your computer or mobile device (Video size limit: 10GB).

Using video directly from cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive (No video size limit).

Uploading a video file for pre-recorded streaming

Under Pre-recorded Stream, click on Upload Options.

Upload from your computer by clicking on My Device or import videos from your cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.). Allowed video formats are mp4, mov, m4v.

To go live using previously uploaded videos/recordings, click on OneStream Storage and select the desired video file.

While the video is being uploaded, you can fill in the following fields:

Title - (max 100 characters)

Description - (max 1000 characters)

Tags - Press enter or tab for each tag.

Stream title, description, tags and Advanced Settings

Scroll down to Choose Destinations and select the destinations where you want to broadcast the event.

Select the Date & Time for your schedule. Once you are all set, click the Schedule Stream button and your event will go live at the scheduled time.

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Updated on: 09/27/2023

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