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How to Convert Your Videos to a Supported Codec Online?

For an optimal streaming experience, adhere to the recommended video settings provided by OneStream Live. These guidelines ensure the best results, minimizing interruptions and enhancing the quality of your content across your chosen platforms. By following these recommendations, you'll achieve smooth and impressive streams.

Converting Videos to Compatible Codec

If your video is not in a supported format, you can utilize the following methods for conversion to ensure compatibility.

OneStream Live supports the three video formats : mp4, mov, m4v

Click here; Scroll down to Conversion Types and Select the desired.

Upload the Video File by clicking Convert [Selected exe] File

After the upload has finished, select desired exe from the dropdown menu on the right and Click Convert File.

Now, Click Download.

Finally, you have successfully converted the video in supported codec.

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Updated on: 07/10/2024

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