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What are the Options to Go Live with OneStream Live?

OneStream Live provides versatile options for streaming, catering to various user needs and preferences. Here are the four primary streaming options offered by OneStream Live:

OneStream Studio Streaming

OneStream Studio streaming offers numerous features to enhance the broadcast. It is particularly useful for professional and interactive live streams. Key features of OneStream Studio include:

Multimedia Integration: Users can add pre-recorded media, images, and screensharing to their live streams.

Customization: The studio offers various layouts, logos, backgrounds, tickers, banners, outros, intros, intervals, and much more to create a professional look.

Guest Participation: Users can invite guests to join their live sessions.

Studio is only supported on laptop/desktop devices currently. However, the guests can join a studio session using the OneStream mobile app.

RTMP Source Streaming

OneStream Live supports real-time streaming through an RTMP source. This option is ideal for users who want to stream live events using third-party software. The process involves:

RTMP Source Integration: Users can connect OneStream Live with RTMP sources such as OBS, XSplit, Zoom, and others.

Stream Key and Server URL: OneStream provides Permanent or Unique stream keys and server URL for connecting the RTMP source.

Multistreaming: Once the stream starts from the RTMP source, OneStream Live receives the signals and multistreams the content to the selected destination platforms.

Pre-recorded Streaming

Pre-recorded streaming allows users to upload videos to OneStream Live and schedule them to go live on their desired destination platforms. This option is particularly useful for users who want to ensure their content is polished and edited before going live. Key features of pre-recorded streaming include:

Scheduling: Users can set specific times for their pre-recorded videos to go live.

Looping: Videos can be looped to play continuously.

Playlist Streaming: Multiple videos can be organized into a playlist and streamed in sequence.

Mobile Camera Streaming

For users who need a convenient and portable setup, OneStream Live offers mobile camera streaming. This feature allows real-time streaming directly from mobile devices, making it perfect for on-the-go live broadcasts. Key points include:

Real-time Streaming: Stream live events directly from your mobile camera.

Portability: Ideal for users who need to stream from different locations without a complex setup.

This feature is exclusively available for mobile devices.

Each of these options provides unique advantages, allowing users to choose the best method based on their specific streaming needs. Whether it's the convenience of pre-recorded streaming, the immediacy of real-time streaming, the professional features of OneStream Studio, or the portability of mobile camera streaming, OneStream Live has a solution for every scenario.

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Updated on: 06/13/2024

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