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What is OneStream Live?

OneStreamLive - A One-Stop Shop of Power-Packed Live Streaming Features

Setting up video streaming on social media platforms is cumbersome and time-consuming, even for a pro. OneStream Live revolutionizes your live streaming experience with simplicity and ease!

OneStream Live is a cloud-based live streaming service that brings you a host of exciting features to create, schedule, and multistream real-time and pre-recorded videos to 45+ social media destinations, including Facebook Live, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and any Custom RTMP streaming destination simultaneously. The powerful OneStream Studio allows you to invite guests to your live streams, create branded live shows, and multistream on several platforms at once. The innovative Hosted Live Pages allow you to create personalized webpages for live streaming without buying any external domain or hosting services. OneStream Live is a powerhouse of exciting features that is sure to transform your live streaming experience.

OneStream Studio

OneStream Studio is an all-in-one live streaming studio that allows creating and multistreaming branded live streams while incorporating different media sources and innovative elements. You can add customized logos, backgrounds, intros and outros, banners and tickers, and several other visually appealing graphics. You can invite guests to your live streams, share screen or external media, and record and download your streams for repurposing later. It is designed for businesses, brands, gamers, coaches, churches, and every content creator who hopes to take his live streaming game to the next level.

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Pre-Recorded Streaming

Simply upload and schedule your recorded videos up to 60 days in advance, and OneStream Live will take care of the rest. Your videos will be live streamed automatically on the chosen social media platforms at the set date and time. You can even queue your videos into a playlist and schedule them to go live on your desired date, time, and preferred time zone. The advanced scheduling feature allows you to schedule once, regularly, or consecutively for a seamless and uninterrupted live streaming experience. You can add captions to your recorded videos to cater to a larger audience and interact with your viewers in real time via Unified Chat.

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RTMP Source Streaming

OneStream Live allows you to use any third-party streaming tool like OBS, Zoom, Ecamm, Webex, Wirecast, XSplit, etc., and start multistreaming across social media and the web simultaneously. You can use the Universal Embed Player to embed your real-time streams anywhere on the web. You can generate a unique stream key for each event to tailor your live streams uniquely. Alternatively, use a universal stream key for all real-time streams and effortlessly embed them anywhere with the Universal Embed Player. You can connect with your viewers seamlessly on all streaming platforms from one convenient screen using Unified Chat and embed this chat box easily anywhere on the web for maximum interaction and engagement.

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Hosted Live Pages

With OneStream Live, you can create personalized webpages for live streaming. You can play around with colors, font styles, backgrounds, layouts, and more to create a unique look and feel for you webpage. You can even customize the player controls, the look-and-fell of the chat box and show upcoming event schedules on your webpage. You do not need to buy any external domain or hosting services either; OneStream Live will host these webpages on its own servers. You can create and live stream on multiple Hosted Live Pages simultaneously, maximizing your reach and impact.

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Multistreaming on 45+ social media platforms and any custom RTMP destination simultaneously
Create branded live streams with OneStream Studio, with logos, backgrounds, banners & tickers, intros and outros, and more
Pre-recorded live streaming
Save videos in OneStream Live storage for 60 to 120 days
Re-schedule pre-rerecorded streams from streaming history
Schedule with advanced scheduling options: Schedule again, republish regularly, and consecutive streaming
Create and Manage Multiple Hosted Live Pages to easily cater to different types of events & content
Universal Embed Player to seamlessly integrate live streams across websites and platforms for a smooth viewing experience
Multiple Videos Upload at the same time from cloud and device
Cloud storage integration to upload videos directly from cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, pCloud, Zoom Cloud Recordings, Storage, Box Storage, and S3 Storage)
Live Unified Chat (cross-platform chat) to efficiently manage incoming messages, comments & replies from multiple streaming platforms on a single screen.
Universal Chat Feature to foster real-time interactions & engagement during live streams
Universal Embed Player to live stream on your own website or anywhere on the web
Video Downloading to repurpose & extend your content's reach
Streams can be scheduled up to 60 days in advance
Unique Embed Code for each live stream
Permanent & Unique Stream Keys
Playlist streaming of pre-recorded videos
Advance scheduling options for scheduling once, regularly, or consecutively
Add captions/subtitles to pre-recorded live streams using SRT files
RTMP Source streaming compatible with any third-party RTMP encoder such as OBS, XSplit, Wirecast, Zoom, etc.
Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) Streaming
Team management feature to help delegate your streaming work to your team members
Camera recording
Screen recording
Multiple upload options
360-degree video support
Event announcements for Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn
Event Schedules in Hosted Live Pages to keep your audience informed with upcoming event schedules displayed directly on hosted live pages.
Advanced notifications about the stream status
Add to Calendar Feature to ensure you never miss an event by adding scheduled live streams to your calendars
Three different theme modes to customize your OneStream Live dashboard
Video Looping
Browser-based webapp
Mobile app available for both Android and iOS
No software installations or configurations required

And a lot more. For detailed features visit the website

If not already done, register your FREE OneStream account and schedule a video to go live on social media.

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Updated on: 12/30/2023

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