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Is OneStream Live Free to Use?

OneStream Live offers both paid and free subscription plans. The free plan provides users with access to a range of features, though with some limitations compared to the paid plans. Below is a detailed breakdown of what the free plan includes:

Free Plan Features

Free Forever: The free plan does not have a trial period; users can access it indefinitely.

Unlimited Streaming: Users can stream as much content as they want without any restrictions on the number of schedules.

All Live Social Networks: The free plan supports streaming to various live social networks.

Pre-recorded Streaming: Users can upload and schedule pre-recorded videos for streaming.

Unified Chat: Engage with your audience by managing all chat conversations from different platforms in a single window.

Looping: The free plan supports looping, allowing continuous playback of content.

Real-time Streaming: Users can broadcast live events in real-time.

2 Multi-streaming Destinations: Stream simultaneously to two different platforms.

4 OneStream Studio Participants: Up to four participants can join your OneStream Studio sessions.

15 min Max Each Pre-recorded Live Stream: Pre-recorded streams are limited to a maximum duration of 15 minutes each.

1 Team Seat: The free plan includes one team seat, allowing you to add a team member to your account.

500 MB Video Storage: Store up to 500 MB of video content on OneStream’s servers.

60 Days Storing Time for Videos: Uploaded videos are stored for 60 days before they are automatically deleted.

720p Maximum Resolution: Studio streams are capped at a maximum resolution of 720p.

Multicasting Allowed: Users can multicast their streams across supported platforms.

No Captions/Subtitles: The free plan does not include support for captions or subtitles.

No Playlist Streaming: Users cannot create or stream playlists.

For those needing more advanced features, higher storage limits, longer streaming durations, and additional capabilities, OneStream offers several paid subscription plans. Detailed information on these plans can be accessed here.

Overall, the free plan provides a robust set of features for those getting started with streaming or those who have minimal streaming needs. For more comprehensive needs, exploring the paid plans may be beneficial.

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Updated on: 06/13/2024

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