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How to Use Multiple Input Sources in OBS?

Multiple Input Sources in OBS

You can add multiple input sources in OBS and switch them according to your requirements.

Click the + sign in the Sources section of OBS.

Select Media source to add a pre-recorded video.

Select Create new Media source and Click OK.

Browse the media file from your device and check the settings as per your need. Click OK.

Media file will appear in OBS.

To go live in real-time, select the Video capture device source to use camera to go Live.

Check the camera settings as per your requirements. Click OK.

Live video will appear in OBS.

You can now send this stream to OneStream Live. As you switch between the two input sources by turning them on and off, the stream will switch accordingly on OneStream and hence on the final social media platform where you are multicasting it.

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Updated on: 06/24/2024

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