Configuration of OBS with OneStream

Open OBS on your Device and click Settings.

Click Stream and select service as Custom.

Open OneStream web app and go to OneStream Dashboard. Click on Create Event either from the top menu bar or from the left side bar.

Click on Real-time.

Select Go Live Now.


Copy Server URL and Stream Key from OneStream RTMP settings.

Paste Server URL and Stream Key copied from OneStream to OBS stream settings.

OBS Stream Settings

In OBS click Output on the left hand sidebar.

Click on Output Mode, then select Advanced option.

Click on Streaming and do the following settings:

Encoder = x264
Rate Control = CBR
Bitrate = 3000 Kbps
Keyframe Interval = 2
CPU Usage Preset = very fast
Profile = baseline
Tune = zerolatency

Output Mode will be greyed-out if you are already streaming, so you will need to edit the settings when there is no stream running from OBS Studio.

Click on Audio.

Go to Track 1 and adjust Audio Bitrate to 128.

Rest of the tracks can be left to default settings.

Click on Audio from the left sidebar.

Go to General and do the following setting:

Sample Rate = 44.1 kHz
Channels = Stereo

Click on Video on the left sidebar.

Set Output Resolution = 1280x720 and set Common FPS Values to 30.

Click Apply and Ok.

Your OBS is now ready for sending stream to OneStream. Select your media by clicking the + sign.

Click Start Streaming to begin sending the stream to OneStream.

It will take 15-20 seconds for a stream to appear on OneStream Real-time Multicasting Dashboard.

Once the video appears in OneStream Dashboard click the toggle button beside your desired social accounts to send the stream to multiple destinations at once.

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