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How to live stream on Workplace by Facebook?

Live Streaming on Workplace by Facebook

Open Workplace Live Producer and sign-in.

Choose whether you want to Broadcast now or Broadcast later and click Create broadcast or Create event accordingly.

If you choose to go live instantly, then:

Click on Create Broadcast.

Press Streaming Software, Add the Title and the Description and note down the Stream Key.

If you choose to create an event for later, then:

Click on Create event.

Set the Date, Time, Title, and Description. You can also set a cover photograph and then click Next.

Now choose the privacy settings for your event and click on Create event.

Note down the Stream Key that is provided.

Continue with whichever Stream Key you choose and move to OneStream Live.

On OneStream Live homepage go to Add Social Platform and connect a Custom RTMP account.

Give your Custom RTMP account a Name, for example, OneStream Workplace. Choose platform as Facebook, keep Server URL as Autodetect and paste the Stream key copied from the Facebook Workplace and click Connect and the account will show up under your Destinations.

On OneStream Home page, under Destinations, click on your Custom RTMP account for Facebook Workplace, upload a file and schedule at the same Date & Time as you set in Facebook Workplace or go live in real-time using OneStream Studio or any External RTMP Source on this account.

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Updated on: 01/14/2024

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