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How to live stream on Telegram using OneStream Live?

Live Streaming on Telegram

To confirm your Login to Telegram, you need to download the Telegram mobile application and follow these instructions:

Log in to Telegram and download the suitable app.

Open the Telegram web app and make a group chat. In the Telegram app, click on the new message icon at the bottom.

Now click on New Group option.

Enter the group name, add the group members and change the group photo according to your liking. The group will now show up on your home page.

Please note that only the participants added to the group chat will be able to view your live stream, so make sure to add everyone.

Steps to Create Telegram Channel

Open the Telegram app and click the the new message icon at the bottom.

Click on the New channel button.

Add the members to your channel. Then, enter the channel's name, channel's photo and channel's description. Now, click on Create Channel button from the bottom, and the channel will appear on the home page.

Once the channel is created, you can select whether you would like to have a Public or Private channel after clicking the Edit option. You will also be able to see your link from here.

After the group/channel has been created, you can open the channel on your mobile application, click on the Live Stream option and click on Stream With.

Copy the Server URL and Stream Key from the pop-up window.

Go to the OneStream Live dashboard, click Add Social Platform option on the right side and select Telegram from the list of apps.

Now give a name to your custom RTMP Account.

In the Server URL field, Paste the Server or RTMP URL provided by your Telegram mobile application in Step 7. In the Stream key field, Paste the Stream Key provided by your Telegram app in Step 7.

Once all the fields are filled correctly, click the Connect button.

The connected Telegram account will appear under the Social Platforms section.

Now you can schedule a pre-recorded stream or go live in real-time using OneStream Studio or any External RTMP Source on this account.

After your pre-recorded stream has gone live from your OneStream Live dashboard or the signals have been received by OneStream for Real-Time streaming, go to the Telegram app and click on Start Streaming button for the live stream to start on Telegram.

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Updated on: 01/14/2024

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