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How to configure PhoneLiveStreaming with OneStream Live?

Live Streaming on PhoneLiveStreaming

On OneStream Home page, under Social Platform, click Add Social Platform and click PhoneLiveStreaming from the list of social account to connect.

Give your social account a name of your choice.

Enter a verified Phone Number.

Enter the Admin Pin.

Click on the Connect button.

Schedule a pre-recorded video, set time & date and choose PhoneLiveStreaming social account..

On PhoneLiveStreaming App, the elected caller will receive a call once the stream goes live.

On PhoneLiveStreaming dashboard click STATS (Call Log) section it will show 1 once you receive the call of live stream. Also, make sure that on PhoneLiveStreaming dashboard in the Live Notification section, Live Notifications toggle is turned on.

There is a limited number of unique callers per month according to your subscription package, and PhoneLiveStreaming sends out a limited number of calls at a certain period of time according to your subscription package. Therefore, make sure your subscribers have enabled the Live Notifications, as by default, the Live Notification is turned off.

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Updated on: 01/14/2024

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