Event Notifications

Event notification can be used to send announcement about your upcoming stream on Facebook (Pages, Groups, Profiles) and YouTube Channels.

Stream should be scheduled to go live after at least 15 minutes from your current time.

By default no announcement is made prior to going live.

Event notification can be set from 15 min to 6 days prior to going live.


If you schedule a video to go live at 13th Oct 15:00 and event notification is set to trigger at 13th Oct 13:00, then an announcement is sent to your social account exactly 2 hours before going live ( at 13:00 on Oct 13th).

The announcement lets your friends/followers on Facebook or YouTube know that you plan to go live at 15:00 and creates a URL of your stream that you can share on other social media platforms.

How to set event notification

In the video upload section, scroll down and click Advanced Settings section

Choose how long before going live you want the event notification / announcement to be sent on Facebook or YouTube.

At the set time an announcement on Facebook and YouTube will be sent.

Announcement on Facebook Page/Group/Profile

Announcement on YouTube Channel

How to get video link & embed code before going live

Read more about States & Embed Code How to get embed code for a live stream?

Once the announcement is made, the stream in the scheduled section will enter Preparing State.

You can copy stream link by clicking copy button next to video thumbnail.

Embed code can be fetched in preparing state by clicking Get Embed Code.

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