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How do Facebook Notifications Work?

Facebook Notifications

Notifications are automatically handled by Facebook. Following are the two possibilities:

Stream is Scheduled to Go Live Immediately

The event will be announced immediately on Facebook once the stream has been scheduled. Facebook will also send a notification to the Page or Group's followers as soon as the video live stream starts.

Stream is Scheduled for Later

The event will be announced immediately on Facebook once the stream has been scheduled if the event announcement box wasn't unchecked. The following picture shows an example of how new stream announcement looks in your viewer's Facebook news feed.

Example notification before going live

Second notification will be sent by Facebook 3 minutes before your stream starts to all those Facebook users who have clicked Get Reminder button shown in the first announcement.

A third notification will be sent to some of your Facebook Page or Group followers (including those who clicked Get Reminder button) when the stream begins.

Due to recent changes made by Facebook, followers of a page may or may not receive notifications about a live stream on that page. By default, a Facebook user is only shown notifications for a few selected posts on that page. This is determined by Facebook's own algorithms.

Your Page followers must edit their live video notifications settings for your page and make sure the notifications are set to All notifications. Otherwise, at times, they may not receive notifications when you go live. Page followers can follow these steps to edit the live video notification settings.

Go to the page and click on three dots. Select Following

Under Notifications, click on Live video.

Change the settings to All Notifications.

Click Update.

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Updated on: 08/01/2023

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