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How to Live Stream on Facebook Group Event with OneStream Live?

Before you Begin

All posts published to a Facebook Group will appear as being posted by the Facebook profile. You cannot publish on a Facebook group as a page.

Connecting a Facebook Group with OneStream Live

Go to OneStream Live dashboard and click on three dots to expand the left-hand sidebar.

Select Social Platforms.

Click Add Social Platform.

Click on the Facebook Group button.

Enter name of your Facebook Group and select Auto Detect under Choose Platform.


From the left-hand sidebar, select Share in a group and click on Create live video event > Create Event.

In the left-hand sidebar, enter event details including Event name, date & time, privacy, and description.

Click on Next.

Click on Create Event.

Click on Set up Live Video.

In the left-hand sidebar, make sure that Complete post details check box is green.

Scroll down and toggle on Go Live automatically at scheduled start time.

Copy the non-persistent key.

Click on Save changes .

Make sure the persistent key is toggled off from the advanced settings.

Copy Stream Key from Facebook Live Producer and paste it into OneStream custom RTMP social account settings.

Click Connect.

Once the Facebook Group Event is connected, you can schedule pre-recorded videos or go live in Real-time or through OneStream Live Studio

The stream will go live on the Facebook event at the set date & time automatically.

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Updated on: 05/08/2024

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