Ways to upload a video file

There are two ways to upload a video file to OneStream:

Upload directly from your computer or mobile device (Video size limit: 5GB).

Using video directly from cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive (No video size limit).

Steps to select a video file for live streaming

Click Create Event from the left sidebar or from the the top and select Pre-recorded Streaming.

Upload from your computer or choose the video stored in your cloud storage (Dropbox or Google Drive). Allowed video formats are mp4, mov, mkv.

You can reschedule your already streamed videos by accessing PREVIOUS UPLOADS.

While the video is being uploaded, you can modify the following fields:

Title (max 100 characters)

Description (max 1000 characters)

Date & Time when the pre-recorded live stream is planned to start. If you want the pre-recorded live stream to start immediately, do not change it.

Tag (max 10 tags)

Time Zone. If not selected, current time zone will be selected automatically.

Social Account Selection. Multiple social accounts can be selected.

Stream title, description, tags

Setting schedule & advanced settings

Select social accounts

Once you are done with the settings, click Schedules button on the bottom right.

Scheduled streams will appear in the Scheduled section.

Optional & Advanced Settings

Following optional stream settings can be set as well:

Add Subtitles/Captions: Upload .srt file to add subtitles or captions to your videos

Custom thumbnail: Add your own video thumbnail that will appear in Event notifications on YouTube and Facebook

Add Watermark/Logo: Add your own logo/overlay on the pre-recorded live stream.

Change Video: Change your uploaded video from OneStream video storage.

Create Playlist: Create a video playlist for your pre-recorded live stream.

Event Notification: Select how long prior to the actual start of live stream you want the announcement to be sent on Facebook or YouTube letting your subscribers know that you plan to go live.

Stream Privacy Choose the appropriate privacy for your pre-recorded live stream. Default is public.

180 or 360 degree videos: If you have uploaded a video recorded with 360° camera, you must select this option so that the video is correctly displayed.

Delete Stream / VOD: If you want the video to be removed immediately after streaming has finished.

DVR Option: If you do not want the viewers to pause, rewind or play pre-recorded live stream from any point you can uncheck this option.

Loop Video: Select number of repeats for the stream.

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