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How to send live stream from Ecamm Live to OneStream?

Configuration of Ecamm Live with OneStream

Login to Ecamm Live.

Choose your desired mode of live streaming.

Make sure your mode of stream shows up in the Scenes section. (By default its on built-in camera mode).

Click gear icon to open Ecamm Live Preferences and click the Stream section.

By default Ecamm Live is set to compatible stream settings.

Click Destination and choose OneStream Live from the pop-up menu.

Click Login.

Enter your OneStream login email address and password in required fields and click Sign In.

Click AUTHORIZE button.

Click Get Started button.

Click Edit icon on Ecamm Live default screen or open OneStream web app and go to the Dashboard.

Click on New Stream either from the top or from the left side bar.

Click Third-Party RTMP Source.

Go back to Ecamm Live and click Go Live on OneStream Live on Ecamm Live default screen.

Make sure to choose nearest server to the location from where the stream is being sent on OneStream dashboard external RTMP source live stream section.

Once the video appears in OneStream Dashboard , toggle on the button beside your desired social accounts to send the stream to multiple destinations at once.

On Ecamm Live click Finish > End Broadcast buttons to stop the stream.

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Updated on: 03/06/2023

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