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How to connect Facebook Group to OneStream?

Before you begin

You must complete these steps on a computer. They cannot be done on a mobile device.

All posts published to a Facebook Group will appear as being posted by the Facebook profile. You cannot publish on a Facebook group as a page.

Each Group must be connected and authorized individually to live stream successfully.

Connecting a Facebook Group with OneStream

Click Add account under Accounts section on the sidebar.

Click Facebook Group button.

List of Groups of which you are Admin will be displayed. Choose the ones you wish to connect to OneStream.

Click Authorize Selected Groups.

Selected groups now need to be authorized. Click Authorize in front of each group.

When Authorize button is clicked, you will be redirected to Facebook Group Apps section, search OneStream in the search panel on your left and then click on it.

You'll be be prompted with a dialog to Add App to This Group. Click on Add.

If you are connecting more than one group, authorize all groups one by one, click Connect to OneStream button at the bottom.

Your connected Facebook Group will appear on the sidebar.

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Updated on: 11/28/2022

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