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How to add srt file to your video for captions?

Live streams with captions

OneStream allows adding of open captions to your pre-recorded live streams by adding an SRT file. An SRT file or SubRip (.srt) file is one of the most common types of raw caption file formats.

Adding captions to your videos

While creating a schedule, click on the captions button right under the video thumbnail.

Choose the srt file from your computer to add captions in your video.

The srt file has been added to the video and is ready for scheduling.

Removing the srt file

To remove the srt file click on the red cross on the captions button.

Editing the srt file

Go to My Uploads under Videos option on the left sidebar. Click on Added.

Click on the Delete button to delete the captions or on the Plus sign to edit the captions.

Kindly note that captions are associated with the video file and not with the schedule.

What are open captions and why they are important? Read Here.

What is SRT file and how to make one for pre-recorded live streaming? Read Here.

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Updated on: 03/06/2023

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