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How to use Advanced Scheduling Options for Pre-recorded Streaming?

Advanced Options for Live Stream Scheduling

Click the "Create Stream" button or choose the "Pre-recorded Stream" option on your OneStream dashboard.

Upload from your computer by clicking My Device or importing videos from your cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.). You can also use your previously uploaded videos by clicking OneStream Storage.

Allowed video formats are mp4, mov, m4v.

While the video is being uploaded, you can fill in the following fields:

Title - (max 100 characters)

Description - (max 1000 characters)

Date & Time - when the recorded stream is planned to start (if you plan to schedule for later)

Tags - Press enter or tab for each tag

Once you are all set. Click on Schedule for Later.

Schedule Once

If you want to schedule the stream just one time, use this option.

This is the default option.

Schedule Again

You can define customized times for your live streams. Set your schedule time and click the + button. Add as many schedules as you want (subject to your subscription plan limits) and hit the Schedule button.

Republish Regularly

This option allows you to set up your schedules to go live regularly at set intervals. You can define if you want to go live at fixed times daily or weekly.

You can only schedule as far as 60 days in advance.

Consecutive Streaming

Consecutive Streaming option provides you with back-to-back streaming with a specific gap between each stream.

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Updated on: 01/06/2024

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