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How does chat work with OneStream Live studio?

OneStream Studio Chat

OneStream studio chat is only available for Facebook Page, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch at this moment.

Click Chat from control panel on OneStream studio.

There are two types of live chat in OneStream Studio:

Private chat

Stream chat

Private Chat

Click on the Private button for the chat that is available for the participants within the OneStream Live Studio.

By default the private chat will open if there is no ongoing stream from OneStream Live Studio to any social media platform.

Stream Chat

Click on the Stream button to see the live chat messages from the social media platforms on which you are streaming.

By default the stream chat will open if there is an ongoing stream in the OneStream Live Studio to any social media platform.

To delete the stream chat during the broadcast, click bin 🗑️ icon.

The social media platform icon can be clicked to see chat from that specific social account. For example, to see the Instagram live chat/comments, click on the Instagram icon on top of the chat section under stream and private buttons.

In case the OneStream live studio page is refreshed, the private chat will be deleted/removed. The stream chat is automatically deleted once the live stream ends.

Having all chats in one place can be particularly time-saving, Read More Here.

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Updated on: 03/03/2023

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