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How to Use Shortcuts in OneStream Live Studio?

OneStream Live is now offering a variety of shortcuts in OneStream Studio to help around with multiple functionalities. These shortcuts can also be customized to any other combination of keys you desire.

Using Shortcuts in OneStream Live Studio

Start a session in OneStream Studio and click on the Settings icon from the bottom panel.

Click on Shortcuts.

You will be able to see all the available shortcuts in OneStream Live Studio.

Devices - Shortcuts

Sharing - Shortcuts

Broadcasting - Shortcuts

Layouts - Shortcuts

Navigation - Shortcuts

Other - Shortcuts

You can also discover the shortcuts for functionality by hovering your mouse arrow over any label.

Customizing Hotkeys in OneStream Live Studio

Click on the "X" in front of the shortcut you want to change.

Press the key that you would like to use for that shortcut from your keyboard. You can see the new shortcut key in the text field now.

You can reset all the keys back to the original settings using the Restore to default button present at the end of the page.

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Updated on: 06/29/2024

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