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How to Connect Multiple Social Accounts in OneStream Live Studio?

Connecting Multiple Social Accounts in OneStream Live Studio

Go to the OneStream Dashboard and either click Create Stream button located in the top menu bar, or click the Enter button below the Studio option.

Select OneStream Studio.

On the pop-up window, enter the title, description and tags for your stream and click Next button.

You have the option to choose the desired destination from the connected accounts, or you can click on the icon to add a new destination.

Scroll down and select your desired social media platform to connect.

Select the desired social account and click Connect.

The recently connected social media platforms will appear in the pop-up window and you can select your desired connected social accounts. Now, you can either start the event instantly by clicking Enter Studio button or schedule your studio event for later.

Enter your name in the Display Name section, and click the Create button.

Click Stream button on the control panel.

On the pop-up window, you can verify the stream title, description, tags, stream privacy and the desired destinations. Click the Start Broadcast button to start streaming.

Your live stream will start broadcasting on the chosen social platforms.

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Updated on: 08/01/2023

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