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How to Change Background of Your Stream Using OneStream Live Studio?

Changing Background of Your Stream

Add an image, video, or audio background to your stream during your live session. You can also switch on and off the sound of your video backgrounds.

Login to OneStream Live Studio and Click on Design and choose Backgrounds on right slide-out sidebar.

Click the icon to upload a custom background image, video, or audio, or you can choose from the provided templates too.

Hover the mouse on the background on the right-hand slide-out bar and click Show/Hide on the background to apply and remove the background.

In the audio controls section, adjust the volume according to your desire for the music or video background.

When you upload an audio file you can play it as background music for your stream. You can adjust the volume by moving the slide while hovering the mouse over the particular audio file in the background.

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Updated on: 06/29/2024

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