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Understanding Facebook Permissions Based Privacy

Understanding Privacy Settings for Streaming on Facebook

When you stream to a Facebook Profile, the privacy of your stream depends on what permissions you gave to OneStream Live while connecting the Facebook social account. It is important to be aware of these privacy considerations to ensure your content is shared with the right audience.

Facebook Profile

When you connect a Facebook profile, you can choose who sees the data that OneStream Live publishes on the profile on your behalf.

Click the Facebook Profile button.

Click the button showing visibility of OneStream Live's content on your Facebook profile.

Select your desired audience from the options and click the Done button.

If you want to modify the privacy of an already connected Facebook Profile please disconnect and connect the profile again

Facebook Group

In case of Facebook Group, the visibility of the live stream depends on the privacy type of your Facebook Group.

There are two types of Privacy Settings for Facebook Groups:


Anyone can see the group members and their posts, whether they are part of the group or not.


Only group members have access to see all the members of the group and the content they post. That means your live stream is only visible to group members.

Changing Group Privacy

You can change the privacy of a Facebook Group by following these steps:

From the left navigation bar on your homepage, select the Groups option.

From the 'Groups you manage' section, select your desired group.

In the Manage tab, navigate to the Settings section and select the Group Settings option.

From the Set up group section, click the Edit icon beside the Privacy option.

Select Private and then click the Next button.

Only Public groups can switch to private. When you initiate the privacy switch, you have 3 days to reverse it if desired. Once a group transitions from public to private, the change is irrevocable.

Facebook Page

A Facebook page is always public (unless you unpublish it). Live streams to a Facebook page are always visible to all Facebook members.

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Updated on: 01/08/2024

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