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How to Share RTMP Source via OneStream Live Studio?

Sharing RTMP Source

Login to OneStream Live Studio and Click the Share button in the control panel section.

Select RTMP Source from the options.

This feature is only available for the Professional plan users.

Select your desired Server nearest to your location. You can keep it as autodetect if you are unsure about the nearest Server to your location.

Copy the Server URL and Stream Key and paste it into your RTMP source.

If you're using OBS as your RTMP source with 1080p output, set CPU Usage Preset value (found in OBS output settings) to 'ultrafast' to reduce frame latency.

Once the stream starts from the RTMP source, it'll start appearing on the left-hand side.

Once you start receiving the stream signals from the RTMP source, a key icon, and a graph icon will appear beside the RTMP Source share option. You can open the RTMP Source configuration using the key icon, and from the graph icon, you can check your stream statistics.

Click the Add to Stream button to display the RTMP source video on your live stream.

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Updated on: 04/09/2024

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