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How to Live Stream on Facebook "New page experience" Using OneStream Live?

Facebook Profile is not listed under people with Facebook access in New Page Exeperince, then Facebook blocks third party apps like OneStream from accessing the page.

Here's a workaround for connecting your Facebook page having "New page experience" to OneStream Live.

Getting Access as a Second Admin

Become a Second Admin on the Facebook page (or use your own different Facebook account) to provide your personal Facebook profile, admin access to the page.

Go to the page in question on Facebook.

Click "Switch Now".

Now click "Manage".

On the left sidebar, under "Your tools", click "Page access".

To the right of "People with Facebook access", click "Add new".

Click "Next", and find the person you would like to add to Facebook access by searching for their name or email address.

Important: Enable "Allow this person to have full control".

Click "Give access", and if prompted, enter your Facebook password and click "Confirm".

The invited person will receive an invite notification and once they have accepted it, they will be able to manage the Facebook page.

Once you have a second Admin on your Facebook page, ask the second admin to add your personal Facebook profile as having "Facebook access" (with Full Control) to the page.

Once your Facebook profile has access, you should be able to connect that Facebook page normally to OneStream Live.

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Updated on: 02/20/2024

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