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How to Apply Portrait Layout in OneStream Live Studio?

Applying Portrait Layout in OneStream Studio

Create a studio session through the OneStream dashboard by accessing the Studio section and clicking the Enter button or alternatively, by scheduling a studio event through the Create Stream button and opting for the Studio option.

Update the stream details such as stream title, description, tags, and click Next.

Select the desired destinations and schedule your studio event by specifying the time, then click Enter Studio.

Enter the name and title you wish to display during your studio session in the Display name and Title fields respectively, then click the Enter Studio button to create the studio session.

Choose the Portrait Layout from the available layout options within the studio interface.

Once the layout is updated, initiate the streaming process by clicking the Go Live button located in the top right corner.

Confirm the stream particulars including title, description, tags, and selected destinations. Subsequently, proceed by clicking the Go Live button to start broadcasting on the designated destination platforms.

Stream orientation cannot be changed when the stream is live on the destination platforms.

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Updated on: 03/12/2024

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