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How to Add Intro to the OneStream Live Studio Session.

Creating a compelling Intro for your OneStream Live Studio session is essential to captivate your audience right from the start. A well-thought-out intro sets the tone for your broadcast, establishing your brand's identity and engaging viewers immediately. Whether you choose to highlight key topics, present a captivating hook, or introduce special guests, a powerful introduction ensures your audience is intrigued and ready to engage. By starting strong, you not only grab attention but also build anticipation for what’s to come, paving the way for a successful and memorable live stream.

Setting Intro with OneStream Live Studio

Create a Studio Session and select Media from right side studio panel.

You have two options in the media section to select your preference Video Clips or Images.

You can either use the videos or images provided by OneStream or can upload custom files of your choice by clicking + Upload Video clip / Image media button.

Click the three dots and select Set as intro.

For setting the duration of the intro choose the duration as per your requirement.

Default time for all the provided videos/images will be set to 1 minute unless changed.

Volume for a video intro can be controlled from the given volume controller.

Volume control option is not applicable to an Image set as an outro but time interval can be set for them.

Once all the settings are in place for an intro to be shown in the beginning of a live stream, the selected media will show the tag of Intro also with the time duration being selected.

On the canvas volume controller can be seen along with the duration set for the intro. Skip Now button can be used to remove the outro from canvas.

If you want to stop the Intro, you can click on Skip Now button or end the session by clicking End Stream button.

You can Rename or Delete custom intro files.

The titles and the files provided by OneStream in video and image sections can't be renamed or deleted.

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Updated on: 06/12/2024

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