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What are the Available Advanced Scheduling Options in Mobile App?

Advanced Live Stream Scheduling

Advance Advanced Scheduling Options for Pre-recorded Streaming is only available on Paid Plans

Go to the OneStream dashboard and select Pre-recorded Stream.

Upload the video, scroll down and enter the stream details.

Select the social destination.

Click on Schedule for later.

Advanced Scheduling Options:

Schedule Once:

If you want to schedule the stream just one time, use this option and click on Schedule Stream. This is the default setting.

Scheduling Again:

With this option, you can define your own customized times for your live streams. Set your desired time and click the + button. Keep on adding as many schedules as you want (subject to your subscription plan limits) and hit the Schedule Stream button.

Republish Regularly:

This option allows you to set up your schedules to go live regularly at the defined intervals. Specify if you want to go live at fixed times on a daily or weekly basis and hit the Schedule Stream button.

You can only schedule for up to "59 days" in advance.

Consecutive Streaming:

This option allows you to do back-to-back streaming with a specific gap between each stream.

Consecutive Streaming will not work on Existing YouTube Events.

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Updated on: 06/12/2024

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