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How to Upload and Schedule a Video for Pre-recorded Streaming using Mobile App?

Available Methods for Uploading a Video File

There are two ways to upload a video file to OneStream:

Upload directly from your mobile device

Using video directly from cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive (No video size limit).

Scheduling a video file for live-streaming

Go to the OneStream dashboard and select Pre-recorded Stream.

Click on My Device if you want to upload the video from your mobile or import the video from cloud storage(Google Drive/Dropbox etc.).

Allowed video formats are mp4, mov, mkv, webm, m4v.

You can reschedule already streamed videos by accessing "OneStream Storage".

After the video is uploaded, scroll down and enter the stream details.

Title (max 100 characters)
Description (Mx characters for LinkedIn: 2000, Facebook: 6000, and Youtube:5000)
Tags (max 10 tags)
Loop Video: Select the number of repeats for the stream.

Click on Advanced Settings to choose any (if required), then click on Choose Destination.

Select all the destination requirements and then click on Go Live.

Choose privacy.
Choose Destination(s).

Select thumbnail
Embed stream

Stream will be queued and a confirmation window will appear.

If you want to schedule the stream in the future, select the "Schedule for later" option and specify the date and time particulars, toggle on the event announcement if you want to set it, and then click on "Schedule stream".

Optional Settings

Add Subtitles/Captions: Upload .srt file to add subtitles or captions to your videos.

Add Watermark/Logo: Add your own logo/overlay on the pre-recorded live stream.

Create Playlist: Queue videos to live stream stream back-to-back across social media.

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Updated on: 06/28/2024

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