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What are Different Types of YouTube Events?

Types of YouTube Events:

There are two types of YouTube Events:

New YouTube Event

Existing YouTube Event

1. New YouTube Event

A new YouTube event, generated through the OneStream dashboard, represents a fresh and distinct streaming experience. This event is crafted and scheduled directly within the OneStream platform. This approach allows users to seamlessly manage and schedule pre-recorded video through the convenience of the OneStream dashboard, providing an efficient and centralized solution for content creators.

2. Existing YouTube Event

An existing YouTube event is one that originated from the YouTube Studio scheduling feature but is subsequently managed and broadcasted through OneStream. This workflow involves scheduling the event within the YouTube Studio and then enhancing the streaming experience by utilizing the capabilities offered by OneStream. This integration enables content creators to leverage both platforms, combining the scheduling convenience of YouTube Studio with the advanced streaming features provided by OneStream Live.

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Updated on: 06/22/2024

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