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How to Live stream on Hosted Page(s)?

Pre-recorded Live streaming on a Hosted Page:

Embed your live streams on your customised webpages, hosted by OneStream Live. Personalise your web live streaming experience with the incredible customisation options.

Under Pre-recorded Stream, click the Upload Options button.

Upload from your device by clicking My Device or importing videos from your cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.). You can also use your previously uploaded videos by clicking OneStream Storage.

Allowed video formats are mov, mp4,m4v

Once you have selected your desired video file, fill out the following details:

Title - up to 100 characters

Description - up to 1000 characters

Tags - Press enter or tab to insert and separate each tag.

From the Advanced Settings section, check/uncheck the options as per your desire.

Select your already created hosted live page or add a new one by clicking the + button to schedule a pre-recorded live stream.

If you want to go live immediately on your hosted live page, click the Go Live button.

If you want to schedule a pre-recorded live stream for later, check the box for Schedule for later, set the desired date and time for the pre-recorded live event, and choose a time zone.

If the time zone is not selected, the current time zone will be selected automatically.

Click the Schedule Stream button.

External RTMP Encoder Live Streaming on a Hosted Page:

Click the Create Stream button

Select the Connect OBS, Zoom, etc. option.

Add your desired title , description, and tags. Click on Next.

Select your already created hosted live page or add & select a new one by clicking the + button.

If you want to go live instantly, click the RTMP Settings button.

Copy the Server URL and the** Stream Key** from the OneStream RTMP Source section and paste them into your third-party streaming software (OBS, Zoom, XSpilt, etc.), and start sending the stream signals from there.

If you want to schedule your event for the future, check the Schedule for Later checkbox, choose a time zone, set the desired date and time, and click the Schedule Stream button.

Event will be automatically deleted if no stream is detected within 15 minutes of the scheduled time.

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Updated on: 10/30/2023

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