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How to Setup your Personalized Hosted Live Page?

Create your own streaming space with OneStream Live's Hosted Live Pages. It is a perfect solution for the users who don't have their own website. It's like having your special corner on the internet without paying extra for hosting. Learn how to easily share your videos on your custom Hosted Live Webpages, whether they're Pre-recorded or happening in the Real time. Customize your page, follow the steps, and you're all set to start streaming in a snap!

Setting up a Personalized Hosted Live Page

Log in to your OneStream Live account and click the three dots icon to expand the left-hand sidebar.

Click Hosted Live Pages from the Destinations section.

Click Create Hosted Live Page.

Enter the name of your new hosted live page and its basic URL, and click the Create & Continue button.

To edit the name of your hosted live page, click the Edit icon beside the page name and enter your desired name and click the Save Changes button.

In the Logo section, you can select your desired logo or apply custom logo(s) by clicking the button.

You can show/hide the logo by toggling on/off the button beside Logo.

Customizing the Page Text

You can modify the text font, headline, and body text of your live page. Font size, font style, and font color are also customizable.

Customizing Call-to-Action Button

The call to action button serves as an indicator, encouraging the viewers to take a specific action. This prevents the viewers from struggling to recognize the path to purchasing a product or signing up for a service.

You can customize the text of the call-to-action button and insert the desired hyperlink where you'd like your viewers to re-direct to upon clicking the call-to-action button.

You can modify the font size, font style, font color of the text, and the button's background color.

Adding Email and Contact Number

You can add your Email address and contact number and customize their font size, font style, and font color.

By default, the Email and contact number are not shown on the live page. So, you need to toggle on the toggle button beside them and Save the changes once customized.

Customizing the Page Background

You can customize your page background by setting up a background color or uploading an image from your device by clicking the button.

Customizing Social Media Links

In the Social Media Links section, enter the links to your desired social media platforms in the relevant fields. Click the icon beside the social media links you want to display on your hosted live page.

Only 4 social media links can be displayed on your hosted live page at a time.

Customizing Upcoming Events Information

Upcoming Events Information will keep your viewers updated about the upcoming events on your hosted page to keep them engaged. Clicking on the Events Tabs will expand the tab and display all the information related to the upcoming events on the hosted live page.

You can set the position of the upcoming events information tab and place it on either the left or right side of your hosted live page.

The viewers can see the details of the upcoming events on the hosted live page by clicking on the Events tab and expanding it.

Customizing Page Layout

Within the Landing page tab, select Page layout. From here, you can customize the layout of your hosted live page.

Customizing Player Settings

Within the Landing page tab, select Player Settings. From here, you can customize the player of your hosted live page.

You can customize the player background by clicking the button and uploading your desired background image(s).

You can modify the player color by choosing your desired color.

You can customize the video control panel and show/hide different video control panel options by checking or unchecking the relevant checkbox(es), such as Play Button, DVR, Current time, Volume, Fullscreen, and Picture-in-picture.

Customizing Live Chat

To customize the Live chat of your hosted live page, navigate to the Chat section.

If you do not want to display live chat on your page, turn off the toggle button beside it.

You can adjust the position of the live chat on your page and place it either on the bottom left or bottom right.

You can customize the appearance of your live chat, including the text font, chatbox background, comments background, and comments text color.

Reset to default option will reset all your live chat settings to their default settings, removing any of the customizations you made.

By default, the live chat box opens up only when you click on it or when a live message is received on the chat. However, you can keep the live chatbox open by default on your hosted live page by checking the Keep chatbox open by default on my page checkbox.

Ensure to click the 'Save Changes' button once you're done customizing your hosted live page.

Configuring your Own Domain

Navigate to the 'Domain Settings' tab and select Basic Subdomain

Enter your Basic domain name and click the Verify & Save button. You can enter any basic domain name as long as it is available.

You need to set up a basic domain first in order to set up and verify a custom domain.

Head over to your domain registrar and add a CNAME record in your domain's DNS settings. Configure the following:


Name: Enter your custom domain name here. Depending on your domain registrar you may have to enter the full custom domain here like or just the first part of subdomain e.g john

Target: Enter in the target field

Proxy: If you domain registrar has proxy status, turn it off

TTL: Set TTL to Auto or a low value like 1 min so that the DNS records propagate quickly. Once the custom domain is verified you can set this value to a higher number like 1 hour.To set up your custom domain, navigate to the Custom domain option, add your own custom sub-domain, and click the Verify & Save button to verify your domain ownership.

Add your own custom sub-domain and click the Verify & Save button to verify your domain ownership.

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