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How to Access Universal Embed Player in Mobile App?

Accessing Universal Embed Player in Mobile App

Enjoy smooth streaming with the Universal Embed Player, it's like a super versatile friend for your video content. Whether you're sharing Pre-recorded stuff, Real-time events, or Studio sessions, this player simplifies the process. You can embed it on your website, ensuring 24/7 streaming by scheduling multiple streams. With the ability to seamlessly manage multiple streams and prioritize the latest ones, this player guarantees a consistently smooth and up-to-date streaming experience.

Accessing Universal Embed Player

Open the OneStream app and click on the three bars in the top left corner.

Scroll down and click on the "Embed Stream on Web"

Toggle on the Universal Player, copy the embed code containing the iFrame tag and paste it onto your website.

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Updated on: 06/12/2024

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