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What is Team Management Feature?

Team Management

The Team Management feature is extremely useful if you want someone else to live streams on your social accounts (e.g., Facebook Page, YouTube channel, etc.) but do not want to grant them admin rights on the social account. If you add someone to your team, you will be the team owner, and the person you added will be your team member. Your team member can then schedule streams on the social accounts you have connected.

Example: If you manage a Facebook Page, you can add team members and give them permission to stream to your page. They will only be able to stream on the Facebook Page but will never have admin rights on the Page (which is normally required to post something on the Page).

The team member should have a OneStream Live account. If the team member is not a OneStream Live user, he/she will get an invitation via email when you add them to your team.

Member Roles:

You can grant two different types of roles to a team member:


Allowed members limit:

The maximum number of team members allowed depends on your subscription plan:

Free Plan: 1 team member allowed.

Basic Plan: 3 team members allowed.

Standard Plan: 4 team members allowed.

Professional Plan: 6 team members allowed.

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Updated on: 08/11/2023

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