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Is live streaming with recorded videos allowed?

Yes, using prerecorded videos for live streaming is completely legal and allowed by all major social media outlets like Facebook Live, Instagram Live or YouTube Live etc. Depending on your use case it might be a good idea (we would recommend it) to let your viewers know that the video was recorded earlier, for example, by mentioning it in video description or video title.

OneStream is approved by Facebook, YouTube and other supported platforms. During approval and verification process, OneStream's functionality, its use cases, prerecorded video streaming and every other aspect was thoroughly checked and vetted by the Social media platforms we intended to use for live streaming. Only, after obtaining all the necessary approvals and going through necessary tests was OneStream opened for public use. Therefore, you can use OneStream without any hesitancy.

Live streaming prerecorded videos is definitely a new concept and it will take time before it sees a wider adoption. In cases where the person in the video does not need to interact with audience e.g a music show, an interview etc. prerecorded video live streaming is an excellent choice to enhance your ratings on Social media. You can read our detailed blog about the pros of live streaming with pre recorded videos here

Updated on: 03/04/2021

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