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How to Request a Withdrawal from your OneStream Live Affiliate Earnings?

For Monthly Plan and Yearly Plan you will be paid upon request of Payment Withdrawal. Keep in check of the criteria for getting paid.

Criteria for Withdrawal

OneStream Live Payouts are generated on a Net-30 payout terms. That means payout for your earnings in July will be generated on 1st September. This is done to cover chargebacks, refunds and other issues that might occur. Your earnings are

You can withdraw from your earnings after you have generated a payout of at least $50

You must have at least 2 unique paid customers who have purchased via your referral link.

Your earnings are different than your payout. Your earnings depict the total amount you have earned till date. Payout refers to the amount you can withdraw. That means for example, in September you can only withdraw what you earned in July or earlier (Net-30 rule). Your earnings in August can only be withdrawn at the earliest on 1st October.

​Requesting a Withdrawal

Begin by signing in to your OneStream Live account and navigating to Affiliate Program from lefthand side bar menu.

You must enter a valid PayPal email address to be eligible to receive your commission. Enter PayPal email address and click Apply to set it up.

Click Request Withdrawal

Subsequently, click on Withdraw.

The status will change to Processing. Click Close.

You have successfully initiated the withdrawal process in the OneStream Live Affiliate Program. It can take upto 14 working days for the amount to appear in your PayPal account.

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Updated on: 01/24/2024

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