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How to Go Live on an Existing LinkedIn Event Using OneStream Live?

Live Streaming to LinkedIn Existing Event

LinkedIn offers two approaches for scheduling an event:

Schedule for later
Go live now

Schedule for Later

Access the LinkedIn Manage Stream page.

Locate the event you intend to go live on and click the Prepare to Go Live button.

Upon redirection to your event details page, select your nearest region and click the Get URL button.

Copy the server URL and stream key specific to your event for integration with OneStream.

On the OneStream Live Dashboard, navigate to Social Platforms and click Add Social Platform.

Choose Custom RTMP.

Provide a name for your LinkedIn event (e.g., My LinkedIn Event). Paste the Server URL and Stream Key copied from the LinkedIn event into the respective fields.

Confirm all details are accurate, then click Connect.

A pop-up will confirm the successful connection of your Custom RTMP destination.

The newly configured LinkedIn event will now be listed under Social Platforms. You can schedule a Pre-recorded stream or go live in real-time using OneStream Studio or any External RTMP Source on this account.

When the stream starts from OneStream, and you're ready to go live, navigate to your LinkedIn event and click Go Live in the upper right corner to initiate the broadcast.

Start the stream on LinkedIn within 10 minutes of the scheduled time to prevent the event from being deleted by LinkedIn.

Go Live Immediately

Go to LinkedIn custom stream page.

Under New Stream, choose the Go Live Now option.

Add a title for your stream under Your Stream Details section.

In the Stream Settings tab, pick your region and click Get URL.

Copy the Server URL and Stream Key to connect your LinkedIn event with OneStream Live.

Follow Steps 4-10 from the Schedule for Later section to integrate your LinkedIn event with OneStream Live.

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Updated on: 06/22/2024

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