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How to Respond to Comments via Unified Chat?

Connect with your audience using Unified Chat by OneStream Live. It's like your chat central for all your events, whether they're Pre-recorded, RTMP source, or Hosted Live Pages. This guide helps you manage comments, replies, and messages in one place. Easy options like clearing chat history and filtering make it a breeze to keep your chat organized.

Responding to comments via Unified Chat.

Unified Chat is only available for Facebook Page, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch at this moment. While you can receive messages from Facebook Profile and Group, responding to them is not currently supported.

Managing Unified Chat for a Particular Event

On the Home page, navigate to the Streams & Schedules section and click the Stream Chat button corresponding to your desired schedule.

You will be able to view comments from all supported social platforms where your stream is broadcasting.

To reply to all social accounts, select All Channels. Type your comments, replies and emojis and click on the send button/press enter to deliver your chat.

To reply to comments on your desired social account, select the desired social account from popover menu. Type your comments, replies and emojis and click on the send button/press enter to deliver your chat.

Managing Unified Chat for all on-going Events Simultaneously

Click on the three dots button from the left-hand side menu to expand sidebar.

Click on Unified Chat.

Here, you can conveniently view and respond to incoming chats from all ongoing events, including both pre-recorded and RTMP events, all at once.

To maximize a particular event's chat, click on the Maximize the chat window button.

Other options

To clear chat history for a particular event, click the Clear chat button, and the chat will be reset.

To selectively filter chat from specific social accounts, simply click on the Filter chat button and mark the checkboxes corresponding to the desired social accounts. This action will display only the chat messages originating from the selected accounts.

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